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Saturday, December 3, 2016


[soh-see-uh-path, soh-shee-]

noun, Psychiatry.
a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

We will not see them described as having this malady, but it is a tag that could readily be associated with a number of billionaires. Yes, in many cases, the rich are different, or perhaps their extreme wealth allows them to act in ways that would not be tolerated in most people.

These billionaires could not possibly spend a tenth of their wealth in either their lifetimes, nor several succeeding generations lifetimes. And yet, they actively pursue policies that would hurt the elderly, and the poor, and if fact, anyone who cannot protect themselves. 

It's how a John Dupont or a Robert Durst, or yes, a Donald Trump exists.

But these are extreme examples. A more telling one, at least to me, would be the Koch Brothers, or Pete Peterson. According to many accounts, they are using their wealth to seed politicians who will enact legislation like privatizing Social Security, or eliminating Medicare. And more folks have to rely on both due to the elimination of good paying jobs.

In the Koch Brothers case, they seek to destroy the EPA as well. Anyone remember Love Canal? That's what you can expect if the Trump led Republican Congress is successful in doing away with the EPA.

If you take away the "need" motive, as in the Koch's need the money they would save by not having to comply with basic EPA standards, then you have to ask why? Why do something that will harm so many people? Why deny climate change when it will affect everyone eventually, including Koch family heirs?

My suggestion: they're Sociopaths

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